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A new article came out about Jordan’s hearing today, and someone who knows my past involvement with the church expressed concern that Jordan would get less time than he should.
I still think of Jordan as a sheltered, quiet, church boy who never raised his voice, laughed a lot, and was very reserved. He was one of the few in his position who didn’t put the women down or get violently or outwardly angry. To my memory of him, his worst danger to others would be his ability to manipulate and his overconfidence. Hopefully those would be severely hampered by his charges, no matter what his sentence would be. I don’t know, maybe I’m missing some part of his personality. I do hope he’s in jail long enough to get away from his dad’s influence and all the unhealthy teaching, but to me, real counselling-religious and psychological-and a lifetime with a tracker bracelet would do him and society a lot more good than jail. 
I wonder what he’d ever do if he got out? Secular music? I don’t think he’s talented enough. Preaching? With his history now, no way. Most of his “preaching engagements” and his popularity were based on people attempting to gain brownie points with his dad more than on his ability anyway, I suspect. He has a high school diploma from Apostolic Academy, not even a real accredited school. And he’s at least as much a victim of abuse as he was an abuser. His family’s still “in church” but rather than wanting him to hit the altar many may want to want to sweep him under the rug if they believe any of his charges. According to his dad he has disqualified himself from the ministry and even worse can’t even be saved because of his homosexual tendencies (if he molested boys). According to all he’s heard taught, he has nothing to look forward to but hell. And from everything I saw at FT, he believed all that his dad taught. If so, he’s already been through hell in a huge way, a hell where there’s no hope and God laughs and other guilty parties laughed, too. I don’t know. Maybe he could care less. But I know what I would be hearing echoing in my mind if I was him, and for that I pity him. I’m not sure if there’s a harsher sentence than he’s already had if he remembers some of the things his dad preached.
And yet no matter what Faith Tabernacle taught, there is mercy. I hope he finds that mercy, and knows it’s extended toward him as well as to everyone else. I hope he learns that no matter what people think or say, no matter what accusations or made or what we’ve done wrong, God extends mercy. And he watches, not laughing in our faces but with tears on his own.
God isn’t what was taught at Faith Tabernacle.

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